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At Young's Acupuncture, our mission is to provide exceptional holistic care that empowers our clients to achieve their best health and well-being. I take great pride in our work and the real testament to our success comes from the experiences and results of our valued clients. Here, we are delighted to share their stories and testimonials.

We had been trying for a baby for 21/2 years and I was then diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. I was very stressed and didn't think this was helping conception. A friend recommended acupuncture with Valerie to aid fertility. Valerie was very supportive, but also pragmatic and helped me relax. She tried new techniques to focus on fertility " flight and fright" and soon after I became pregnant. I cannot thank Valerie enough for helping us get our baby boy.
Mel Dean (Mum), Felpham, Bognor Regis
I had been trying for a baby for 4 years, with a history of endometriosis and an operation to remove a cyst on my ovary, I had given up. The only option left seemed to be IVF which was a route my husband and I did not want to go down. After speaking to a friend at work he mentioned to me about trying Acupuncture with Valerie and how it helped his wife. As I had nothing to lose I started seeing Val on a regular basis. She was always very honest and positive and each session made me feel very relaxed and calm. I fell pregnant within 6 months of having acupuncture, I didn’t believe anything could help me but it really did work and I cannot thank Valerie enough.
Emma Norrell (Mother), Chichester
I was diagnosed as having low ovarian reserve, and decided to had acupuncture with Valerie Young to increase my chances of conceiving. I first visited Valerie for acupuncture in October 2010, and started my first IVF cycle in March 2011. I had 3 eggs recovered, and became pregnant, but had an early miscarriage at 7 weeks. I continued with the acupuncture and went for my 2nd IVF cycle 3 months later. This time I had 7 eggs recovered, 5 of which fertilised, and 2 implanted. I became pregnant and am now a very proud Mummy to 11 month old twin girls. I continued to have acupuncture treatments with Valerie throughout my pregnancy, and she was a very calming and supportive influence for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Valerie to anyone who is trying for a baby or going through fertility treatment. Thank you so much for helping me to become a Mum.
Jo Lawton (Mother), Nutbourne
Thank you so much for the treatments that have helped us have our beautiful baby girl.
Liam and Kelly, Bognor Regis.
Thank you for helping us fall pregnant! We honestly did not believe this would have happened without your help. Thank you for making a dream come true.
Tammy and John, Bognor Regis.
Due to hip dysplasia at birth I had a right hip replacement at 30. I am now 49 and the left hip has been causing me a lot of pain for the past few years. A friend suggested I visit Valerie for acupuncture treatment as she had been seeing her for a back problem. Valerie treated the muscle around the socket which she felt was over compensating, creating lactic acid and inflammation. I am almost pain free and only go for a follow up treatment every 6-8 weeks. I cannot thank Valerie enough as she has improved my life no end. I would recommend acupuncture with Valerie to anyone in pain, it is a very powerful treatment that could also change your life
Julie Cole, Estate Agent, Felpham
After receiving treatment from Valerie for whiplash following a car accident, I found the pain relief instant and was able to sleep through the night.
Alison walker - Therapist, Southbourne, West Sussex
I tore a muscle in my shoulder which was enflamed and very painful. After one session of acupuncture the inflamed area eased and gradually over the weeks the pain decreased from being unbearable to manageable. Since then, I have had treatments from Valerie for other complaints and I have found her method of holistic acupuncture to be hugely beneficial.
Janet Whitehouse - Mother of two, Barnes, London
The pain in my arthritic hip and thumbs has been alleviated and my mood greatly lifted due to Valerie's acupuncture treatments.
–John Chris Jones
After my initial treatment with Valerie I was amazed to find that my knee had relaxed and improved immediately.
Sally Nye - Illustrator, Chichester, West Sussex
I feel much calmer and more in control and my sleep pattern has improved since my weekly acupuncture sessions - thanks Valerie.
Alice Whittle, Account Director, Wandsworth, London
Acupuncture with Valerie has cured my back-ache, lifted my depression, and improved my sleeping and appetite.
Stephen Farrar, Dentist, Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Valerie has put me back on track by improving my immunity and increasing my vitality.
Marples, Solicitor, Brixton, London
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These testimonials are a reflection of the trust our clients place in us and the positive impact of acupuncture on their lives. We are honoured to be a part of their healing journeys.

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